What happened to lucy thai

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Luci Thai may not be one of our pornstar forum members but we're still fans! There are 17 topics about Luci Thai in the forum. Movies Reviews Previews Forum. Haven't seen a new movie of hers for a while now. Anyone know if she retired? Hey guys, I'm really obsessed with Luci Thai and was wondering if anyone could recommend any contemporary girls with a similar look. I'm a huge fan of her work, her tits, her smile, her attitude, i love it. Especially love her gangbang scene in asian cheerleader cavity search.

Any other fans out there? Thanks a bunch! She was so hot. One of the hottest Asian stars ever. Does anyone know where she is now?

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I still hope for a come back one day. Any idea where this scene maybe from? Thanks for the help! Does anyone know if there are pics up anywhere of Luci's new boobs? Luci Thai??? Anabolic has a featuring Lucy Thai scenes coming out soon.

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Lucy Thai?! Shes one of the worst cum dodgers I've ever seen. If someone knows of any scenes where she actually swallows, I'd certainly like to know about it. This is either a complete joke, or the worst mismatch of of a starlet with a se Ideas thread! Love watching Luci take big cocks and hot lo, she is one of my favorite Asian Porn Sluts. Hope you get nice and fucked up on your 21st Luci. Keep sucking those dicks like a good whore!! I hope you enjoy. As always, send your comments, questions, kudos or complaints to rog rogreviews.

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I was wondering if anybody could recommend a DVD featuring an extended scene of her riding a single guy cowgirl-style, anally. Most DVDs with her seem to feature her with more than one guy, which I mean porn stars like too. I find it kind of funny when people are surprised their favourite porn stars escort. If they are going to fuck on camera for money, why wouldn't they fuck off camera for money?

I'm convinced girls do porn so that they can charge more for their esco She is the Hottest Import from the Orient in a long time! However, I saw a new girl on the cover Adult DVD Talk earns commission on many of the shopping links on the site. Thank you for using our links to buy porn!

Lucy Thai Anyone know what's happened to Lucy Thai. Where is Luci Thai? Modern day Luci Thai? Luci Thai's new boobs? A Cum Sucking Whore Named Happy B-day Luci Thai!! Luci Thai Interview I just posted the version of the. Luci Thai Is there a movie or severals in which, Luci Thai swallow cum?

What happened to lucy thai

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Does anyone know what Lucy Thai does now?