Water closet the forbidden chamber game

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There are times when you hear or read the title of a game, and right then, without question, you know you must buy that game. Sometimes, a name might remind you of an old favorite on a long-obsolete console, recalling the fond days of your youth; for instance, when I heard of Metroid Prime, I thought of the joyous hours I had playing Metroid and Super Metroid so many years ago. Immediately and without reservations, I wanted the new title.

Other times, a name may represent a proven series and an esteemed, even revered developer. Finally, a game's name might make you wonder what it could possibly be about. For this reason, I acquired Water Closet. For Ikumi, the problem is simple: every time someone looks at her, she urinates uncontrollably.

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Is there some strange subculture in Japan that unites them? There is, however, one W. Nicholson did you catch the pun with those initials, oh Lord!!! At times, his methods may seem unconventional to the player, but only in the sense that the methods of Stalin or Hitler might have seemed unconventional to the people they ruled.

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So storywise, Water Closet has a lot to offer. Like feces. Unfortunately, it only masquerades as an actual game -- to an even greater extent than the average bishoujo title. Most such games use a branching decisions model, made famous by the delightful and intellectually invigorating Choose Your Own Adventure series, to provide variety and replayability.

Water Closet, unfortunately, offers a pretty miserable tree of branching choices, with each storyline containing perhaps one or two judgments to be made, and usually fate turns out to be unswerving and inevitable no matter what your decision. Water Closet is as visually impressive as a series of simple drawings accompanies by text can possibly be, that is not very. The audio here is truly inspiring, if the inspiration to vomit really counts as inspiration.

Just think of the sounds you make in the bathroom, and combine those with the screams of a sexual assault, and you have the melodious score to Water Closet. I suppose the sound fits the game, though, almost as snugly as a used tampon fits inside a used condom. For those not turned by references to mere hygienic devices, enjoy the last paragraph. However, even those lured in by these twisted themes will probably be disappointed by the game itself.

The rest of us normal folks should stay far, far away, and take this additional bit of advice to heart: if the title of a game puzzles or intrigues you, read a review of it, or ask a friend whose played it to inform you. These are the safe ways to satisfy your curiosity. If you just go out and buy the game If you enjoyed this Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber review, you're encouraged to discuss it with the author and with other members of the site's community. Thank you for reading! Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber PC review "There are times when you hear or read the title of a game, and right then, without question, you know you must buy that game.

Other times, a name may represent a proven series Community review by denouement April 24, A bio for this contributor is currently unavailable, but check back soon to see if that changes. If you are the author of this review, you can update your bio from water closet the forbidden chamber game Settings. Xenogears PlayStation Two tailors arrive at a palace. Sly and scheming, they offer to spin garments for the Emperor out of a fabric so delicate that it appears invisible to all those too dull to appreciate its inestimable quality.

The Emperor pays them and gives them the gold thread they request. When the tailors come to fit the fabric, the Ninja Spirit TurboGrafx Herodotus writes that on the eve of battle with the Persian army, the Greek hero Dienekes was told that the Persian archers were so numerous that the mass of arrows, when they launched their volleys, blocked out the sun. Quite undaunted by this prospect, Dienekes responded: "Good. Then we shall have our battle in the s Contra: Hard Corps Genesis Contra.

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Water closet the forbidden chamber game

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Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber