Vdategames the photographer walkthrough

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You picked a good outfit for it too. Thank you. You always have good plans. Bar Today is all about making you ladies happy. Drinks are on me! I just wanna say that everything about you is hot right now. You look amazing, Paige. You really know your stuff. Everything fun happens with a double bed. I did say it was hot. I like flattering you. You two are in the pool early. I like it. What kind of stuff did you photograph?

Very fun, yes. How could I resist? Yeah, you picked a good outfit, too.

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AtLisette is in the bar Is something wrong with your leg? Drunks are on me!

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At pm, Cherise is in the bar Fine wine for fine ladies. Around am Mia is in her office So, how bad is Mr. Around pmpm, Mia is in her office You seem a little young to be….

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AroundMia is in her office Not right now. Mia ending scene needs 15 points for Mia, probably… and it is basically the epilogue, so keep playing after this time. AroundPaige or Emma is still at the pool, but alone, depending on who you chose earlier See choices above. Of course…. Vote count: 2. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post.

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The photographer walkthrough