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Are you 18 years of age or older? Catch me on there to bs about movies, video games, and smutty artwork. Good times are had by all. Skip .

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We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More information. Reinbach is creating an adult game and comic! Select a membership level. Level One. Level Two. Be the first to critique and comment on everything I do.

This might be helping me decide on who to draw for a pin up, or even helping to shape the game or the comic itself. Show more. Level Three. About Reinbach.

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Hello my name is Reinbach, and I'm inviting you to accompany me as I work towards becoming an accomplished artist. Those who come along with me will be the first to see and critique my work, including new s of my ongoing adults-only web comic, This Romantic World, as well as updates to the video game based on the comic.

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And since this is just as good a place for a disclaimer as any: all of my characters are aged eighteen and above. I'll also be sharing video tutorials about how the comic is made, exclusive pin ups every week, as well as vlogs about what I'm learning along the path to being a big shot illustrator someday.

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Your support would mean a lot to me and any contributions would be greatly appreciated. If we ever reach this fantastical goal, I'll have a Reinbach golem head custom made from a mascot costume crafting service, and the pictures here. Become a patron to 1, Recent posts by Reinbach.

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This romantic world game

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