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The Protagonist. At the start of the story, he suddenly gained the ability to see game effects in real life, apparently at random. He eventually discovers that he has a natural supernatural ability that manifested in a very strange and useful way. Jee-Han's earth elemental summon. She takes on the appearance of a small girl. She implies that her whole race is like this. Han Jee-Han's mother. Han Jee-Han was unable to see her true nature and level for a very long time. He thinks she is hiding something. Shin Sun-Il's older cousin and women's Taekwondo Olympic medalist.

Phantom Cloud of the Chunbumoon martial arts clan. Hits on Han Jee-Han often. Both figuratively and literally. By far the most dangerous of the antagonistic groups shown to date. They live completely at the whim of their President with one prevailing purpose: To maximize profits regardless of the means. The top ability user in The Company. Its word is law, literally. In season 3 chapter 29, Hwan Sung Gon called him Chairman. One of the two top users working for "The Company. The antagonist starting in chapter He attacks Han Jee-Han while the latter was searching for Yoo Jin to rescue her from the Abyss kidnapper who took her in chapter The Hive Queen of the Church of Masks.

The person the legend of Faust was inspired by in-story and the leader of Golden Circle. He is an alchemist and scientist from Europe. Out of the divine ten, the ten strongest people on the planet, he is the best known due to exposure from his constant efforts to invent new forms of power. The daughter of Hwan Sung-Gong. She is victim to the Black Demon's Invasion, a very powerful curse that's slowly draining her life force and will eventually kill her.

Also called the "Existence Eater", the Temporary Magician is an absurdly powerful person who gave up life in the Abyss to get a government job. He has been unable to succeed, making him a "Temp". The Temporary Magician, the Chunbumoon, and the Yunhonmoon are in charge of the local territory. A magical witch mercenary specializing in killing weak ability users. She's among the few sages in the world, skilled and powerful mages with vast knowledge of the magical arts.

Aholting's partner. A powerful wolf-fur-dressed mercenary specializing in killing weak ability users. Lolikiano's partner. Another large power within the abyss, he has apparently been using his influence to protect Jee-Han for reasons yet unknown. It is eventually revealed to be named Jin Da Jeon. The strongest ruler of Hell. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Han Jee-Han. Jee-Han : Mom, did you go somewhere? Jung-Sook : Are you finally home? Jee-Han : Man, what kind of person answers a person's question with another question? Han Jung-Sook. Han Jee-Han's father. The Faceless : We have yet to see his face. No Name Given : His name has yet to be mentioned. When You Coming Home, Dad? Shin Sun-Il. Sun Il: You went to an amusement park with a girl, but not me?! Poong Sae-Young. Phantom Wind. BFS : It's easily as tall as he is. And he's quite tall.

His brothers have green and red hair, so technicolor hair seems to run in the family. What Happened to the Mouse? Phantom Rain. The Silent Bob : Despite not saying a word, his brothers understand his intent perfectly. Stoic Spectacles : He wears glasses, but shows no emotion. The Voiceless : Has no speaking lines, at all. His brothers have green and blue hair, so technicolor hair seems to run in the family. Shin Sun-Oh. Treat this elder with respect, if you value your life.

In General. The effective rulers of the Korean Abyss and one of the strongest 10 factions in the entire world. They got their start by splintering from the Chubunmoon and quickly surpassed them in power and prestige, but the Chunbunmoon retains certain key advantages over them. They're led by the Chunbunmoon leader's older brother. The Purge : They wiped out Japan's Abyss in retaliation for the war. Even now, long after the gamer wiki harem king war ended, they continue to cleanse Japan the gamer wiki harem king Ability Users.

Well-Intentioned Extremist : Why they splintered from Chubunmoon. Like Chubunmoon, they seek to protect the Korean people.

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Unlike Chubunmoon, they are willing to abandon the path of humanity to do it. Bora Jin. Ean Yeon. Kwon Shi-Yun. Sung Ma-Hyun. We here at the Abyss Auction sell everything. Jo Jung Hwan. Don't ask for a Happy Meal.

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You won't like the result. Muhi of Storms. Nothing to see here, just a bit of remodeling Gwan Chel Soo. In Hyung Jin. I am them, they are me, we are one! Yoohwa Shin. Achilles' Heel : As powerful as she is, she's still rather vulnerable to attacks that target the mind and they stagger her more than any other attacks that Jee-han hits her with. Arch-Enemy : Increasingly considers Han Jee-Han to be hers, since he is getting in the way of her efforts to enslave Kwon Shi-Yun and has enough power to stand up to her.

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Believing Their Own Lies : She tries to kill Jee-Han the moment he points out that undergoing "mental erosion" is not voluntary. Blatant Lies : Four words. Defensive Feint Trap : Successfully places a mask on Han Jee-Han by taking advantage of his unwillingness to let an enemy die, pretending to collapse and fall out of the sky and then attack when he saves her. Even Evil Has Loved Ones : She keeps her older brother ignorant of the Abyss and her misdeeds and reacts defensively when he is referred to.

Evil Cripple : She moves about in a wheelchair, but is the mastermind behind the Church of Masks. She could easily use magic to heal or compensate for it at any time, but doesn't do so due to how she wants to present herself.

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Her brother occasionally allows her to use his body since her own is crippled, but as a side effect, he falls asleep while occupying hers. Freudian Excuse : She was crippled and her parents were killed in an accident. Not wanting to give her brother trouble, she has been hiding her despair behind a mask ever since. Then one day, a man gave her a literal mask. Geas : Jee-Han places her under a curse called "Forced Contract of Subordination", which allows him to place her under 3 orders.

The gamer wiki harem king chooses to make her stop attacking him, grant her power to him on demand, and tribute a portion of her mana every month. A God Am I : Chapter reveals that the moment she realized she had power from Gaia, it went straight to her head, and she thought she had become the ultimate arbiter of what's good and what's evil in the world.

She is utterly incapable of admitting that a fellow gifted person might have the ability to contest that and keeps trying to kill Jee-Han for it. Hive Queen : She controls the Church of Masks and retains her individual identity. Hoist by His Own Petard : Twiceand in the exact same way. Twice she drags Jee-Han into her "mind space" to try and dominate his mind to "willingly" have him her cult, only for him to turn her own powers against her, and she was shocked he did it both times.

Hypocrite : Her accusations that Jee-Han is "mean" or "arrogant" lose their sting when one considers that she forces people into addiction to her "divine connection" and built an entire religion focused on herself. Insane Troll Logic : She tries to wear Jee-Han down by exposing him to her past and the emotions that come from it yet gets enraged beyond reason when he actually sees it.

Made a Slave : Jee-Han uses a Geas to turn her into his puppet. Having said that, he mostly leaves her free to live her life, only requiring her to stop attacking him and tribute him with her mana.

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Moral Myopia : She's enraged beyond reason at the fact that Jee-Han keeps interfering with her plans, but refuses to acknowledge that her cult is responsible for going after Jee-Han's friends and attacked him first. Obfuscating Disability : Starting in Chaptershe shows that she can indeed use her legs just fine. She just uses a wheelchair as a prop to lure victims in by their own sense of sympathy and charity. Patron Saint : She is the center of the Church of Masks's faith and is referred to by this title. Psychic Link : She and her older brother share one that allows them to communicate with one another and even use a "Freaky Friday" Flip at will.

Tautological Templar : Chapter reveals that since she honestly believes she's making the world a better place, she has deluded herself into thinking her habit of fusing people together into a Hive Mind and all her actions in the process are above reproach in any way, shape, or form. Every time Jee-Han so much as suggests this might not be the case causes her to react with murderous fury. Everyone agrees that it's a mutually beneficial arrangement, but Lolikiano Mistream and Kwon Shi-Yun are still more than a little resentful that she once tried to enslave them, and Yoohwa Shin isn't any more fond of them either.

You Will Not Evade Me : If she gets a mask on you once, even if you've been broken out, she can summon another on you any time she likes, and from a distance Based in the United States, they are one of the ten strongest organizations in the entire world.

They have tremendous resources and specialize in mass production, but are short on people due to being relatively new among the great powers. Golem : They are one of the few organizations capable of producing high quality golems on the gamer wiki harem king greater scale than Han Jee-Han. Doctor Faust. Doctor Faust The person the legend of Faust was inspired by in-story and the leader of Golden Circle. Beethoven Was an Alien Spy : In real life, the historical Faust was an alchemist in the German Renaissance, and the basis of a popular legend. In The Gamer, he is a member of the Abyss in addition to being the model of Goethe's fictional story.

Really Years Old : He is believed to have existed since the s. An organization based in China.

The gamer wiki harem king

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