Rinmaru games fantasy avatar creator

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Rinmaru's Mega Fantasy Avatar Creator served me well, but as of the new year, it is no longer running. So I'm curious if anyone else does the same thing when creating characters and what good applications or makers are still available now that Flash is gone. Also its important to note that you can still use flash, it just takes more active effort. I'm partial to Hero Forgea browser-based program for deing tabletop minis.

It's got a pretty good range of options. Now I have it forever. There are still ways to use flash. I have use a standalone player for it.

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Newgrounds content still works as well since they are building their own player. I followed these instructions to download Adobe Flash Player These are also the instructions given by the creators of Hero Machine to be able to use their creators. Any SWF file can be used through the flash player.

SWF files for Rinmaru games can be found here. So you can play it now! It's quickly become one of three favorites of mine. So here they are. With Flash gone, what's the best Fantasy Character Maker out there? Posted by 7 months ago. Sort by: best. Hero forge. I use hero forge personally. How did you do that?

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It doesn't start for me :. I use a pencil and a sketchbook.

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Rinmaru games fantasy avatar creator

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With Flash gone, what's the best Fantasy Character Maker out there?