Redheads in the dark game

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Dino Crisis is a survival horror game in the vein of Resident Evil that substitutes the zombies for dinosaurs. Regina is a member of a covert agency that specializes in espionage. She quickly becomes accustomed to the giant lizards, however, and she starts throwing shade at them. Regina has all sorts of weapons at her disposal, but her sharp wit probably causes the most damage. She even makes snarky comments about a persistent T-Rex that stalks her! How embarrassing! Rayne is a hetrong vixen who aims to protect humanity from supernatural evil. This is a subject that she has intimate knowledge of, since her father was a vampire and a certified jerkface.

Her daddy issues act as a driving force for her story, and they inform every decision she makes. Her anger is not entirely unjustified, but I have to question her fashion.

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She made history in by being the first video game character to pose nude in Playboyand she clearly loves being a seductress. One follower even creates a creepy shrine in her honor! I understand the a fandom to an extent, as the wastelands of Pandora are not exactly crawling with babes. Lilith is the only female protagonist in the first Borderlandsafter all.

Cordelia is an elegant Pegasus Knight who excels at nearly every thing she does. She is shown to have a wide range of abilities, and she can learn to use any weapon she redheads in the dark game across. Cordelia keeps her emotions bottled up for the most part, but her heart is just waiting to be warmed up again. Katrina is seldom seen without an assortment of daggers and throwing knives, and she was literally raised to be an assassin. League of Legends features tons of unsavory characters, but few of them enjoy killing more than Katrina does.

Vanessa is a girl who eschews expectations at every turn. Not only was she the first female boxer in the series, but she was also the tallest woman on the roster. Her age also helped her stand out. Most of her female co-stars were teenagers, so a vivacious year-old was something out of the ordinary. She actually lives two lives, since she works as a secret mercenary in her off hours. Fittingly, both games focus on fierce warriors that effectively act as one-man armies. Nariko is way easier on the eyes than Kratos is, however.

Kratos is a musclebound try hard with a lame goatee, but Nariko is the picture of grace and beauty. Giddy up! Gemini Sunrise faces a lot of adversity after she moves from Texas to New York. She also has a split personality that moonlights as a masked vigilante on a white horse. Her disguise is paper-thin, but I give her credit for trying. The group masquerades as a theatrical troupe, but they secretly work to defend America from demonic threats. What more can you ask for? Mitsuru Kirijo is the valedictorian, the president of the student council, and the most popular girl at her school.

Her family played a role in creating the Dark Hour, so Mitsuru feels the burden of setting the world right. Her self-assurance has made her a perfect mentor to her younger classmates, and she has a noticeable air of authority. Pyra has red hair, she wears red clothing, and she has the ability to wield fire. Even her name is a reference to fire!

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Pyra easily ranks among the nicest women in gaming history. Incidentally, her abrasive side was sealed away following a traumatic event, and all that remained was compassion and kindness. She certainly needs a strong backbone to support her massive tits, but I digress.

Although Pyra was deed by a well-known hentai artist, she has more depth than her stripperific outfits would suggest. Do you agree with this list?

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Redheads in the dark game

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