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Ever wonder what Dany would look like in a porno? Check out Naomi woods :. There is nothing wrong with him pulling up a range weapon for dragon. His spears in particular seem especially deed for greater purpose than killing a regular enemy. You could easily find reason for most of your conclusions, just as its easy for you to question everything from the critics perspective.

All I have to say is that Jon motherfucking snow about to fuck some dragon princess. She def wants his D all up in her and I can't wait to see whats about to happen with the zombie dragon. If he was baiting a trap for dragons, why attack when the ice refroze? And why take so long to break out the spears? As to how he'd know that dragons would come, it's been suggested that he's a seer. But if he is a seer, shouldn't he know that Jon and Dany are valuable targets and kill Drogon? Heck, if he has some form of foresight, why does the army of the dead seem to wander around the North like a troop of lost cub scouts rather than attack an undermanned part of the wall before the South can organize?

Speaking off of this, the wall is built with an "impenetrable" magic that stops the WW's from crossing. They supposedly need a dragon to cross the wall. They should have tied up Thoros' dead body and took it kings landing. He would have just turned into a wight anyways. Don't dead bodies only turn into wights if the Night King raises them? He wouldn't have necessarily turned into a wight. It's funny, the question I got from this episode is: How has Jon Snow not died yet!!!???

Then I came up with a funny answer:. I saved your ass! No, no, no! You get the fuck back there! It's not your time yet! He is the Song of Ice and Fire. The singer has not finished singing it. The soap opera drama between Sansa and Arya is almost as stupid as reddit game of thrones season 7 episode 6 leak upcoming soap opera drama with Sam, Jon and Dany when Sam hears that his bestie's new girlfriend burned his dad and brother.

The subplot is fine I think. It's cool if it's purposefully used to tie into the future situation. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

The episode really sucks. Arthas resurrected Sindragosa in more spectacular way than this poor guy did to Viserion. The comments remind me why I don't watch this show with other "fans" of the series. Not because criticism isn't valid but because they are so fucking obnoxious and pedantic about it. It really seems like people on this sub watch the show just to say how much it "sucks" and how above it they are.

He was predicted to fly by the Three Eyed Raven. Dany rides Drogon. Son of Rhaeghar rides Rhaeghal. Don't think it will happen because it sounds too easy stupid and predictable. But then every one predicted a Dragon dying and coming back as a Zombie and it happened.

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How did everyone predict that a Dragon would die north of the wall? Posted by 4 years ago. To talk about leaks, please go to the Spoilers Infinite megathread. Reactions and spoilers about scenes that have not been aired officially by HBO will be removed.

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Sort by: new suggested. Continue this thread. My thoughts exactly. That's exactly what I thought. This episode was so badly written lmao. Please re-post your comment using direct, full-length URLs only. How do you suggest they present their valid criticism? More posts from the asoiaf community. News and discussions relating to George R. Created Jul 18, Top posts august 21st Top posts of august, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit game of thrones season 7 episode 6 leak

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