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Views: 76K. In Healslut, you are a sexy healer who gets yourself into all kinds of filthy situations. Everyone comes to you when they need some medical treatment. Sometimes the people who come to you are horny, and you need to satisfy their needs. As a healer, you've got to make the right decisions for your patients. Sometimes it's healslut game as easy as it sounds because your lust-filled desires get in the way.

Try not to get lost in all the action, or your patients will suffer the consequences. Irishman - Jun 27, Max - Jun 22, Uhm - Jun 05, SBSeed - Jun 04, Max - May 13, BoakenBoy - Apr 24, Uhmmm - Mar 29, Whatever - Jun 15, Lol - Mar 03, Lol - Mar 16, Demise - Feb 07, Demise - Feb 09, Town of Passion is an adventure sexy romp in RPG style. You are a local resident of the village of Valencia, a place that has many unknown secrets. You suddenly find yourself In the High School of Succubus sex game, you are a girl who is a Succubus.

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Your job is to totally corrupt a lovely young lass named Kelly, who goes to your school. This porn a The Chant of Dead - You are back in the year where magic reigns supreme. Four kingdoms are in a huge battle to control the town.

Finally, there is a truce, but on the mor In My New Life, you play a young man whose father recently remarried a woman named Maria. She also has two daughters. Your dad suddenly goes away on business and you are left Healslut [v 0. If error while loading, please. Rating: 5 Votes: Rate this game:. Irishman - Jun 27, Yeah, so; the healslut game you keep tweeking characters, the harder it gets to stay invested. No need, or benefit to turning Kayden into an arrogant asshole or Leigh into an insolent bitch.

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Wejit, Lel, Panki and MC are the only ones who remain fun to play. Irishman - Jun 27, Like the story, mostly. Max - Jun 22, Fantastic job creator!! Want a nice sex scene with Roar! Please update soon.

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Uhm - Jun 05, Wow SBSeed - Jun 04, so you play a game where the MC is playing a game of a bimbo slut healslut game have no choices whatsoever Max - May 13, Please update to 0. BoakenBoy - Apr 24, This game is amazing! An that twist with Twig was very cool! Uhmmm - Mar 29, Can it be saved and played only once game at a time? I have a only game I keep playing but I had a one in one of the earlier fun options to make.

But everytime I load this one, game crashes into error. Is it because of the collapsing reality thing, blocking access to that other saved game? Whatever - Jun 15, Fappers can be so rude these days Easy would have been providing an answer. Whatever dudes. Lol - Mar 03, and pizza with pinneaple??!!!!

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Lol - Mar 16, 1. Some people don't understand sarcasm, I guess. I forgot to export my progress when I played it last time. Demise - Feb 07, Cant even use the fairy form thanks to a bunch of errors so im stuck, nice error. Demise - Feb 09, Well, it works now when i downloaded the game insteed. Show more Similar Games. Town of Passion [v [1.

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Highschool of Succubus 31K. The Chant of Dead [v [1. My New Life [v [2.

Healslut game

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