Haramase simulator character guide

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Go to. First Prev 34 of Go to. HerbertIronsides Well-Known Member. Oct 2, 1, 1, Anyone know if this is ever going to get updated again? May 7, This was posted on their Patreon on October 18th. Now what I think this is about is Haramase Project, as a person, talking about his game "Divine Conception", while "Haramase Simulator" is a project worked on by a lot of people.

About the state of Haramase Project. So, 'what happened' you ask? Well, to put it simply, we've hit a creative roadblock, then we had to wait for more art, and then life got in the way, yadda yadda Not at all. We have all the intention of seeing this game to completion. Gabrielle hasn't even gotten knocked up yet, and we can't leave it at that! We'll keep it like that for as long as we deem fair and at least until we've got another sizable update out, that's for sure!

Funds acquired so far went into getting us more art assets and you know, keeping us alive, and not dead. Welp, that's all!

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Thanks for your patience, and keep your eyes peeled for any interesting, and hopefully not-possessed, manga. Sincerely, HS and Green Man. Reactions: devablaze and Taylordyus. Jun 18, Reactions: PugWug. Krova Newbie. Oct 15, 20 Guys, before asking this question I think I need to inform you that I've read the wiki and comments below but still can't find the way.

I'm dumb maybe So I'm trying to piss Ramines off in order to unlock an achievement but somehow she refuses to get angry with me. In my first run, I was successful to get her closer to me, so close that I could get into her room while she was pregnant and she showed up at the mall with HFF logo on her belly and the kissing option was later unlocked.

However, despite any options I chose after that, she never got angry, the best option only lead to a happy H-scene.

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I was stuck so I decided to make another run New game This time, after I made her pregnant for the 2nd time, I was successful to meet her at the mall when it was 3 weeks away before birth but she only threw some hateful words then fleed. I'm so confused now. Please send help! Aug 5, 12 3. Krova said:. Reactions: tarnrep and OmegaUltima. Evangelion Devoted Member. Apr 12, 6, 4, Reactions: Ti'elby Mercedes.

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Lukekane Newbie. Sep 8, 32 2. How do i do Michelle?

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Lukekane said:. Reactions: Igor-Igor and PugWug. KorochiZB New Member. Aug 1, 12 3. Excueme plz give me code cheats game Thankl. Lunas Member. Jun 4, Humm dat oracle. This is a detailed Character Achievements Guild, along with instructions on how to unlock any Harem girls. I think I've explained everything carefully enough to avoid any further questions.

Link: You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: Nov 16, Reactions: pokemonottarnrepMcTulus and 8 others. Ti'elby Mercedes Active Member. Jan 1, Link: Ver 0. Ti'elby Mercedes said:. I figured nearly everything out by piecing together info from various sources, but there was a serious need for an up-to-date walkthrough. Give me some time and, if I find anything to fix or clarify, I'll let you know.

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Again, thanks!!! Oct 2, 57 How likely is it to get the scene where you fuck Stephanie by her computer? I've had vaginal sex with her over times but it hasn't shown up. It's very likely, the rate is 1 on 3. Make sure you have completed achievement [3] first. Also, my instructions on her achievement [4] is a little bit misleading.

I'll make a some changes to it later. That said, you can have sex with her multiple times each time you visit her. Omnidiot New Member. Mar 24, 3 0. How do I use the ccc? Oct 15, This game is kind of stupid so far and im wondering if i wasted a download. First, youre haramase simulator character guide of the few men in the world and i still have to pay for sex.

Thats just dumb writing, if the situation was true the women would be paying you. And the first sex scene I had was awful. No animations, no different pics, nothing. Just the neighbor sitting on top with a shit load of text. Someone tell me this gets better or im deleting. Fuck i was looking for something to satisfy my impregnation fetish.

PugWug Member. Jul 4, Reactions: 2D-CG Veteran and chrisdevchroma. PugWug said:. If you actually read the dialogue instead of rushing through it, you would know why you're paying for impregnation. I think only a few scenes are animated, but if that's all you're looking for, you're missing out on a great game. Show hidden low quality content.

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Haramase simulator character guide

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