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Me and a buddy are looking for an open world co op game to play until the forest launches in a couple months. We're worn out from recently playing and finishing it, and loved it. Check out 7 Days to Die and Ark. Ill second 7 days. I've been playing Forest for a while and just got 7 days and haven't looked back From a coop perspective there is nothing like it, unfortunately.

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Subnautica is the only game that gives me very similar vibes as The Forest but it's singleplayer only. Astroneers is also a great coop experience but there is not much of a horror vibe and it's still a bit raw content wise. Osiris: New Dawn looks promising but it's one of the few i haven't tried yet but it seems like it has a very heavy focus on crafting. Osiris: New Dawn looks a lot more promising than it really is sadly.

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I ended up buying it only to find out the game had pretty much been restarted and the gameplay trailers hadn't been updated to match it's current state. Could it get there eventually?

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But there is isn't nearly enough there to make it worth it. Get ARK when it's on sale. While I love the setting of The Forest fighting against cannibals, mysteries, and horror aspectsARK imo is the best survival game right now. It may have a lot of bugs as well as optimization issues and you'll probably get information overload, but what they currently have is definitely something worth looking into. Games similar to the forest?

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Games like The Forest?