Games like city girl life

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Real life simulation games are fun to play. It can be good leisure time activity if you like to use your creativity in the computer games. The game is specially made for girls and focus on fashion and lifestyle.

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There are a lot of great features to enjoy the game. Starting from avatar creation where the player gets to choose from a lot of customization options to make the Avatar as personal as possible.

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There are many tasks which you need to complete in order to complete the game. You start your life in a small town and work hard to move to a big city where you have a lot of opportunities to live a better life. You can start a career and settle in a big city. There you have the option to buy a new house start a new life.

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The game simulates real-life struggle to find a dream job, raise a pet etc. To stay up to date with the latest trend you have the option to buy new dresses and other fashion items. City Girl Life is a fun game to play which has a lot of interesting twists.

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Games like city girl life

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