Game of desir

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The list has been copied and can now be found in your under My Lists. Brooklyn Public Library's card is free for anyone who lives, works, pays property taxes or goes to school in New York state. Search Search the catalog, website, and events Get this item Add to list. Call : Summary "Women: gain control and confidence in your love lives and find the relationship you want with this modern, life-changing guide from the certified sex educator, intimacy expert, and YouTube personality.

For younger generations, dating is a complicated mystery. Apps like Tinder and Bumble are supposed to foster connection, but instead serve as a reminder of how painfully single we are.

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Certified sexologist and intimacy coach Shan Boodram-the most sought-after sex educator on the internet-is about to change all that. In this essential how-to guide, she addresses the realities of life today-when the rules of love and attraction are fluid--and teaches a group of young women how to become master daters in just sixty days. It starts with you. Shan makes clear that love and self-discovery go hand in hand-your dating life is just as much about you as it is game of desir other people. She challenges you to look inside yourself for what you want out of a partner, a relationship and, most important, yourself.

Once you figure out what you want from dating, she shows you exactly how to get it. The Game of Desire empowers you to take the lead, learn your strengths, and identify and correct your weaknesses, all the while getting inspired watching a group of women learn how to succeed in today's dating pool. While many books tell women why they can't get a date, Shan teaches you the skills and techniques necessary to take charge in today's competitive and often confusing dating scene, providing the tools essential to attract-and retain-the partner s you want.

From learning love languages to debunking dating myths, she helps women build knowledge and confidence.

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Featuring conversational case studies, comprehensive facts about the psychology of sex and romance, and expert insight into sex culture, and written with her trademark humor and charm, The Game of Desire is a must for all of Shan's fans and for every woman struggling to feel loved and desired. Item Locations Only show available items Book.

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Details Marc Record. The game of desire : b. Shan Boodram.

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I tell it like it is -- Single and terrified to mingle -- How do you like your love -- Ex marks the spot -- The power of bangs -- Don't just be yourself -- Growth vs ego -- Fiance. Print version: a. Boodram, Shannon T. Game of desire. First edition. OCoLC An electronic book accessible online.

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The game of desire : 5 surprising secrets to dating with dominance - and getting what you want