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MSG Body swap video games. My New YouTube Chann. Baal Veer Retourns. New Captions! Indian show help 2. Just Genital Transfo. Forced crosdressing. Can anybody explain. From: guest Phoenix Ikki95 months, post 1. I'm not trying to rip-off another thread, I was just wondering if there are any games or game series with potential body swaps.

I'm not talking body swaps that are a part of the core game or gameplay, body swaps that are maybe easter eggs, secrets or mods. Heck, maybe even body swaps that part of DLC packs or the like. Or, how about body swap situations or scenarios that can be achieved through customization, of either your game character or the world around you. Yeah, I know it's not the most interesting topic, but I'd like to know about games with that description.

The only thing relatively close to what you're looking for is the one easter egg in Fable II at the end of the game, where you can get a potion that swaps your gender. Oh yeah, I remember that one. However, I'm sure there are a lot more potential body swaps in games than the just one you mentioned, no offense. In one of the Call of Duty games for example, in the zombie mode you could swap the souls of the ghost girl and the Nazi dude. Again, it's not just Easter eggs, but mods and customization potential.

I'd like to play a game where you could make your custom scenarios, and tweak it to be like a body swap situation. Potential, huh? Sure, I know of a few. In the Movies game you can set up body swaps in the movie editing part of the game.

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Most of them always turn out like crap however. I'm sure if you're really serious about, and use a microphone you could mash up something halfway good. In Dragon Ball Z tenkaichi 3, Ginyu can swap bodies with 1 of 5 characters. It's kind of a secret, as it's always random to whoever you swap with.

I know someone who have played a bunch of matches as Ginyu, yet have never swapped bodies with Nail. I've heard that in Animal Crossing New Leaf, you can make custom dream towns.

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I'm not sure of the full extent of it, but Aika Village seemed to have a lot of customization to it, so who knows. I was considering getting the game, and making a town where the animals Not sure if you can customize what the animals say would refer to use as Isabelle, as if you had quantum leaped into her body. And the player would happen upon a house that looked like a player's house, yet find it full of stuff that belongs to Isabelle. Again, I'm not sure if you can pull that off in the game, as I've never plad it.

If anyone can tell me if that's possible or not, I would appreciate it. I can see why you'd want to set up a quantum leap with Isabelle, she seems to be really desirable, especially among the furry community. I'm actually planning on writing a story where the villager swaps bodies with her. I digress, in Skyrim there is sort of one. In a special quest for the skull of corruption, you are temporarily sent into the past. In this flashback, you are stuck in the body of an ally priest who was aiding you in the mission. While it's not really a body body swap video games, I can't really call it a possession either.

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As you seem to behave more like the priest then anything else. Yeah, there's just something about her that draws me and a lot of other furries to her. Maybe we're just weird because were drooling over a cartoon dog in a kid's game. Back on track, I've got another one.

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In Soul Calibur games, if you take the time to go into customization, there's a lot of body swap potential to be found. You can give characters the fighting style of other characters, and give them a de of another character.

For example you could make Astaroth fight like Voldo and probably sound like him and vice versa. Soul Calibur V has amazing customization in this regard, so I suggest you give that a try. Thanks for the ideas, you guys. I may have to try some of that stuff out. Also, you're not weird for having a crush on Isabelle, Shin. In my opinion, there's no such thing as weird, it's just other stuff that people can't understand.

With The Sims 3 and a few mods you can pretty much create any scenario where a body swap happens. You have the customization potential and you can download a tool to make them pose for the stories. True that, Ikki. One classic example of body swaps in customization is in old JRPGs. When I was a kid, I loved body swap stories. Yeah, it seems trivial, body swap video games it was a lot of fun to see the characters call each other by their own names, as if they had swapped bodies.

That sounds cool, Edumail. Can you do the same with the pets? I'd love to swap the bodies of a dog and a hard working family man in the game. I never tried, but I think it's possible. Thought of another one. In Dragon's Dogma, you can always re-customize your character and your pawn Henchman to look like you swapped bodies. However, it's pointless and doesn't really add anything to the game.

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I considered it at one point, and then thought to myself "That's really dumb, why would I want do that? Everytime you look in a mirror or change clothes in a wardrobe, you have the option to save to CAS and then you can change age, sex or anything else. It's not exactly an in game transformation, but pretty close. Messiah is on GOG too although fair warning is that it's apparently a pain in the ass to actually get working. Omikron's problem, really, is that despite being a central part of the game the body switching really doesn't affect anything.

Outside of a few instances where you're forced to switch and it just affects the next immediate thing it's just pointless. Like, say, if you're in the body of one of the soldiers it should offer you access to different places that you wouldn't normally be able to get or if you're inside the school girl or hooker other characters should have different reactions to that and so on.

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Thanks Rugal. And yeah, I saw couple of gameplay clips from Omikron about a week ago. Didn't look to stunning or impressive. Also, does anyone know if you can make a custom town in Animal Crossing, like the one Shin wanted to make? I'd love to make a town with a quantum leap style to it in Animal Crossing. To add to the Saints Row example, in Saints Row IV, you have some encounters with the default male characters from SR1 and SR2, to which the current main character male or female will say "why are there two of me here? It's a brief moment, but more or less confirms that a female character got a sex change without directly stating it.

Considering how blunt the writing is for these games though, I am surprised the female voices don't just come out and say "yeah, I used to be a dude" during that scene. I played SR2. It had some good ideas, but Body swap video games couldn't get over the fact that my character had to be a complete sociopath to proceed in the game.

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I wish there was something a bit less like that with the same engine. More story and mission driven than the Sims but less gore than GTA. Personally I loved the fact that the Boss in SR2 is an utter psychopath because it's basically crapping all over the "I'm a noble criminal in cutscenes but in actual gameplay an indiscriminate murderer" thing that GTA does by cutting out the middle man: there's nothing noble about the main character in that game; they're a violent psychopath leading a gang war against other violent psychopaths.

That's actually kind of the main thrust of the second half of the plot of Saints Row 3 where, by this time, while still criminals the Saints have become media celebrities and the Boss is more of a "puckish rogue". By Saints Row 4 even that's gone since the Boss is a straight up hero and causing mayhem isn't really a big deal morally since the entire thing takes place in a simulation so most of the people in there aren't real.

Body swap video games

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