Holiday Gift Guide

While we might be a bit biased, there’s no better holiday gift than a bottle of wine. It’s a gift that quite literally is the spirit of the holidays. It’s a gift that can be many things- it can encourage community, but it can also be the antidote to a long day. It’s a gift that can last for years or for hours. Whoever is on your list, whatever the occasion, a bottle of wine is the perfect choice to treat someone this holiday season.

The Vineyard Brands Family has perfected wine gift giving over the years and we’ve compiled this list of ideas and suggestions.



For the "Hostess with the mostest": a bottle of Miraval Provence
The Holiday season brings with it parties and dinners and gatherings of all kinds. A bottle of Miraval Rosé is the perfect gift for any host or hostess.

The unique bottle shape and label make a beautiful presentation and it pairs so well with a variety of dishes and appetizers. The beautiful pink color is a much needed tonic for the grey days and dark nights of winter.
Suggested by Val Markus, Sales Rep

The beautiful packaging feels expensive and special and the wine inside is even better. While any size is a nice gesture, to really get the party started a manum or three liter is so fun to share.
Suggested by Kate Pluhar Catenza, Boston Metro Sales Manager



For the Southerner:  Thibault Liger Belair Moulin a Vent Les Rouchaux
As any Southerner knows, trying to predict the weather during the holiday season is impossible. One year you may be in shorts and a tshirt, the next you may be in scarves and gloves. Most often though, dreams of a white Christmas are dashed and temperatures are still relatively warm.

With the temperamental weather in the South, a nice, lighter red is a crowd pleaser. Plus, the Thibault Liger Belair Moulin a Vent Les Rouchaux is a nice discovery wine for friends not familiar or in the wine business.
Suggested by Jennafer Tuffner, NC & SC Market Manager




For the Northerner: The Chocolate Block
Unlike their Southern counterparts, Northerners are always prepared for a chilly winter (and often a white Christmas).

Chocolate Block is an excellent red wine. The nice, hefty palette makes it great for winter and those delicious  meats. It’s definitely a teeth stainer (be prepared!), but it you can’t beat the quality for the price.
Suggested by Melissa Wilkinson, Regional Sales Manager | Sandy Stewart, Accounting & Inventory







For the lake and beach bum: Bulletin Place Moscato
This light and refereshing Australian wine is not too sweet for a Moscato. It’s just the wine to drink on a nightly pontoon boat ride or an evening by the bay.
Suggested by Pat Sparks, Accounting | Katia Braithwaite, Special Projects Coordinator







For the casual wine buff: Coudoulet de Beaucastel Rouge
If you know a wine buff, either a buyer in the industry or a friend who reads Wine Spectator more often than People, this is the gift for them. This is a perfect wine that your recipient can drink now or put in their cellar for years to come.  While many people know the history of Château de Beaucastel, not as many are familiar with this part of the Perrin estate.
Suggested by Anne Keller Klumpp, Midwest Sales Manager







For the foodie: Domaine Pichot Vouvray Le Peu de la Moriette
If you have a friend who loves to try a variety of cuisines or loves to cook, a bottle of Domaine Pichot Vouvray Le Peu de la Moriette will hit just the spot. It perfectly dances the line between dry and off-dry. It’s a crowd favorite and pairs beautifully with many ethnic cuisines and vegetarian fare. If there’s a “fool-proof” wine gift, this is it.
Suggested by Perry Riddle, Marketing Director








For the Brunch King/Queen: Alma Negra Brut
For the friend who knows weekends plans should be built around one very important meal, who knows breakfast or brunch is best with a mimosa, who has experimented with every juice and every ratio to find just the right champagne based breakfast beverage, Alma Negra Brut Sparkling is ideal. This Argentinian wine is delicious as a mimosa but also fine to sip and savor on its own.
Suggested by Ron Bishop, System Network Service Administrator






For the loyal friend: Famille Perrin Château de Beaucastel
This wine is globally recognized an acknowledged for its pedigree and quality. For the friend who has been there for you through thick and thin, this wine is a true gesture of appreciation.

Vineyard Brands vice president Sheilah McGovern gives all her distrubtor managers and top sales reps a bottle of the just arrived Beaucastel Châteauneuf du Pape.

As Tommy Oldre said, “Château de Beaucastel and the Perrin family represent the core of Vineyard Brands. On a personal note, the last 15 years of my professional life have been closely tied with the Haas and Perrin families and the companies they have founded and grown.”
Suggested by Sheilah McGovern, Vice President  | Tommy Oldre, Sales Manager



For the red wine lover: Marques de Caceres Crianza
Many people know of or have heard of Rioja, so wines from the region are nice comfort zone wines. This Marques de Caceres is a fantastic value. It’s a great dry red that’s perfect with food or just to drink on its own. Plus, it’s readily available and they (or you!) won’t have trouble finding more.
Suggested by Patrick Bennett, NJ & PA Manager






Gift Suggestions.png

For the dinner party fanatic: Warre's Otima Team Year Old Tawny Port
In a beautiful package, this is a truly delicious Tawny port, and has a great rating to boot (93 from Wine Advocate!). It's an excellent wine to bring to a dinner party because everybody loves port, and if you don't, you just haven't had the right one! 
Suggested by Patrick Harney, Sales Manager | Kate Pluhar Catenza, Boston Metro Sales Manager








And for anyone on your list: Champagne Delamotte
An overwhelming favorite wine to gift is Champagne Delamotte. It epitomizes the essence of the holidays and is the perfect wine for celebrating. It’s a celebration in a bottle!

It’s a present that can be opened to celebrate the holiday or, even better, saved for New Year’s Eve. Champagne is always an appropriate gift and as a bonus, pairs well with nearly any food. You just can’t beat bubbles at a party, and Delamotte stands out from the pedestrian bubbles in the crowd.

Suggested by Chris Thomas, Sales Rep | Amber Cochran, Financial Analyst | Perry Riddle, Marketing Director | Jennafer Tuffner, NC & SC Market Manager | Patrick Bennett, NJ & PA Manager