Iberian Focus Month

All of October we’ll be spotlighting the Vineyard Brands portfolio of wines of the Iberian Peninsula. Spain and Portugal have a storied history- from famous kings and queens like Isabella and Ferdinand to landmarks like the Sagrada Familia. The wine of the peninsula is as rich as its culture and just as varied.

Photo: Business Media Mags

Photo: Business Media Mags

The Rioja region in northern Spain is one of the most celebrated wine-growing regions in the world. With mountains and rivers, provides a unique terroir for the production of a variety of wines. You can read more about Rioja here

Marqués de Cáceres Logo.jpg

Marques de Caceres is one of the leading wineries of Rioja. The Forners, an enterprising family devoted to the wine trade for five generations brought the Bordeaux concept to Rioja, revolutionizing the production and business model.

Marques de Caceres has one objective: the quality to obtain the best wines.


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Further south you’ll find Warre & Co.- the oldest and one of the most highly esteemed port shipping firms in the world. Founded in 1670,  Warre’s has established itself as one of the most forward thinking Port producers, balancing its long tradition with total dedication to premium quality and successful innovation. 



This month we’ll be featuring recipes and pairings, winery history and insight into what makes Iberian wines so special. Stay tuned to the blog and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.